Our Module works with a variety of RF relays and RF sockets.Please tell us when ordering our Module which type of relay or sockets you will be using. Each Module only works with one type of socket or relay. The following relays and sockets work with our Module.


The handy thing about using relays is that the same relay can be used with 230v 50Hz or 120v 60Hz. If using relays make sure anything that is connected to them is carried out by a properly qualified person. 

Rubrum on See here

Diese on See here.

UK type sockets:

Status Brand are widely and only cost about £8. They are rated at 240V and 13 Amp. Models No.KWE-YK02 and RC101HE

Etekcity UK sockets also work with our Module. They can be got on Amazon or elsewhere.

These sockets are available on aliexpress and elsewhere. They are about €5 each. See here

EU type sockets :   

Brennenstuhl, available  and a less powerful model : These are rated at 230v and 16A (3600W) and 1000W respectively.

Models No.RCR CE1 1011 and COMFORT - LINE

UNITEC Sockets

These EU type sockets are available on See here

FRENCH type sockets:

These French sockets are available on aliexpress

See here

US type sockets:

Etekcity sockets which are widely available and can be got on amazon and other sites.

You can also get US type sockets on here