Our Module can be configured in three different ways:

They all control 433MHz relays or remotely controlled plugs wirelessly, so they are inherently safe as your Raspberry Pi or Arduino or Microcontroller is not connected directly with the high voltage relay or plug.


It's three Modules in one and uses any old mobile/cell phone as a GSM controller. Many people use it as a cheap way of controlling their heating remotely.

1. It's a radio frequency (RF) transmitter which can turn remote control electrical sockets, like those below*, ON or OFF from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WITHOUT WIFI OR INTERNET.

2. It can also be used in conjunction with a cheap DTMF module to control up to 6 sockets or relays from anywhere in the world.

3. It can be used with a microcontroller or Raspberry Pi or Arduino to SAFELY control mains voltages. 

See Modes of Operation for a detailed descriptions.

If you have any queries about the operation of our Module after reading the instructions, please contact us using the Contact Menu button.

The following sockets work with our Module so if you have them you will not need to purchase them. You will need to let us know what ones you intend to use so we can program the Module for your particular socket.

UK type sockets:

Status Brand are widely available and only cost about £8. They are rated at 240V and 13 Amp.

Etekcity UK sockets also work with our Module. They can be got here.

SATRUL sockets are available on aliexpress.com and elsewhere. They are about €5 each.

EU type sockets:

Brennenstuhl, available here and a less powerful model  here: These are rated at 230v and 16A (3600W) and 1000W respectively.

SATRUL also do EU type sockets available on aliexpress.com.

FRENCH type sockets:

SATRUL also supply French sockets on aliexpress.com.

US type sockets

Etekcity sockets which are widely available and can be got here: