In the DTMF Standard Configuration the 3.3v pin must be connected to pin A1. In the HAT Version pins 9 and 10 on the PCB must be connected by a jumper.

A call is made to the slave phone which must have Automatic Answering enabled. You then key in the numbers, on the master phone, you need to activate the RF sockets or relays. When the slave phone receives the number keyed in on the master phone, it connects to our module via the DTMF module and our module then sends a 433MHz signal to the RF socket or relay turning it ON or OFF depending on the number keyed in, in the table below. So if you key in the digit 1 say on the master phone socket or relay no.1 will be turned ON. If you key in a 2 socket or relay no.1 will be turned OFF etc.

You will of course have to pair the RF sockets or relays to our Module. The easiest way to do this is to follow the instructions on pairing in the Raspberry Pi Configuration. You must temporarily set our Module to the Raspi Configuration by connecting the 3.3v pin to pin D10.

The following table shows what you must dial to activate up to 8 RF sockets or relays:

Diallling 1 Turns ON Socket No.1 Dialling 2 Turns OFF Socket No.1

Diallling 3 Turns ON Socket No.2 Dialling 4 Turns OFF Socket No.2

Diallling 5 Turns ON Socket No.3 Dialling 6 Turns OFF Socket No.3

Diallling 7 Turns ON Socket No.4 Dialling 8 Turns OFF Socket No.4

Diallling 9 Turns ON Socket No.5 Dialling 0 Turns OFF Socket No.5

Diallling * Turns ON Socket No.6 Dialling # Turns OFF Socket No.6

Diallling A Turns ON Socket No.7 Dialling B Turns OFF Socket No.7

Diallling C Turns ON Socket No.8 Dialling D Turns OFF Socket No.8

A, B, C and D are not usually available on standard phone but are available in software like this which you use with a computer dialler. If you use this software make sure you have the volume slider on the right turned up to full and have the volume on your PC turned up to full as well. See video demo here.

Using software like this you can now control the slave phone from your PC and using Teamviewer you can now control your PC and therefore the slave phone from anywhere in the world. Some of our customers have even automated this process by installing AutoHotKey which records keystrokes and can be scheduled to do so at times of your choosing.