What is our Module?

It's a radio frequency (RF) transmitter which can turn remote control electrical sockets, like these, ON or OFF from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD WITHOUT WIFI OR INTERNET.

If you have any queries about the operation of our Module after reading the instructions, please contact us using the Contact Menu button.





By making a simple adjustment to the Module, which is mounted on a breadboard, or a printed circuit board, you can use the Module in 3 different configurations.


https://www.turnitonfromanywhere.comIn the Configuration No.1  (Modes 1 to 8), you make a call to an old mobile phone whose screen is taped to a light dependent resistor(LDR) attached to our Module. In effect the old phone acts as a free GSM Module. When the mobile phone backlight is illuminated, as a result of the call, for a certain amount of time, the Module transmits an RF signal (433MHz radio) to the socket turning it ON or OFF. The call is not answered so NO CALL CHARGES apply. You supply the old mobile phone but you must make sure that the back light stays on continuously for the duration of the call. In this configuration there are 8 Modes to choose from. Click on the Mode of Operation Menu button for a full explanation. See the video demonstration for Mode 1 here.





http://www.turnitonfromanywhere.comIn the Configuration No. 2 (Mode 9), a Powerswitch Tail alternative, your Raspberry Pi or Arduino or other microcontroller outputs a signal to our Module which then sends an RF signal to the up to 8 sockets to turn them ON or OFF.

Your low voltage circuit is completely separate from the high voltage socket so it is much safer than connecting relays directly to your projects. You don't need PowerswitchTail or other IOT Power Relay expensive devices.

See Modes of Operation Menu Button on the left, or below if you are viewing this web site on a cell phone for a full explanation of this Mode. See video demonstration here.






http://www.turnitonfromanywhere.comIn the Configuration No. 3, DTMF Mode or Mode 10, you can control up to 8 remote control sockets. See how this works in the Modes of Operation Menu. You will need to supply the DTMF Module and the audio cable. See the You Supply Menu Button for suppliers. They are very cheap.

You make a call from anywhere in the world to the mobile/cell phone that has automatic answering enabled. You then key in a numer to control up to 8 remote controlled sockets.

Inputting digits 1,3,5,7,9,*,A,C will turn ON the 8 different sockets. Inputting 2,4,6,8,0,#,B,D will turn them OFF. Most phones don't have A,B,C or D keys so you will most likely only be able to control 6 sockets this way. You will of course be able to control 8 sockets from your laptop or Tablet.

See video demonstration here.


In this Mode you can also control 8 sockets from your PC, Laptop or Tablet with the use of free DTMF software like this. See here how this is done.






What sort of things can you control?

Firstly:Do not use our Module with any life support system or any other application where unintended operation might cause harm to people or damage property. Our Module must be used to operate non-critical equipment only.

If you connect electrical equipment to the RF socket which is controlled by our Module make sure it is inspected and certified by a qualified Electrician. It may be illegal to do electrical work yourself if you are unqualified and may invalidate property or life insurance in the event of an accident or damage. Be careful, ELECTRICITY CAN KILL!!!

A lot of our customers use our Module to control their heating and hot water remotely from anywhere in the world. It is proving very popular because it is so competitively priced compared to other products like Hive and Nest etc. See the page on using our Module to control your heating.

It's really handy for holiday homes which don't have internet or WiFi because all it needs is an area where there is a cell phone signal.

You can control lights or anything which is capable of being connected to a remote controlled socket, provided you don't exceed the safe load recommended for your socket.

The big advantage of our Module is that  it can be located up to 100 metres away from the high voltage remote electrical socket.

If you want to control heavier machinery remotely you can connect a contactor to your socket and then be able to control larger loads or even 3 phase loads to the limit of your contactor.

You don't need complex apps or anything complicated. You just need to be able to make a phone call which is unanswered and FREE, except in the case of the DTMF configuration.

It also has the advantage of being secure because you do not need Wifi or Internet. 

Our Module can of course be used where WiFi and internet are available if you want to avoid the hassle of using these constantly changing technologies and value your privacy.

The Module will also work with EU, UK, French and US sockets because it mimics what the hand held remote control does. You must use the sockets which we have tested and are shown in the You Supply menu button.

However, if you have other types of remote controlled sockets already, please let us know and we will advise whether our Module will work with them.

The Module is powered by a 5V micro USB  cable. You may use a phone charger to power it. You supply the USB cable and charger. If you use the Module in Raspi Mode you will need a charger that can supply 2.5 to 3A.



By using a breadboard we are able to give useful employment to a person with Special Needs who wouldn't be able to solder. The breadboard is highly reliable and safe as it only has 5V DC connected to it. The Module comes fully assembled on the breadboard.

We will supply you with a PCB and all the parts needed in kit form if you prefer. It is almost identical to the breadboard layout. You will have to solder the supplied components to the PCB.                                            THIS SITE DOES NOT COLLECT COOKIES