Turn Almost anything ON or OFF (like your heating) from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD without WiFi and without Internet

We supply a Module capable of controlling a remote controlled socket from anywhere that has a cell phone/mobile phone signal. 

You don't need complex apps or anything complicated. You just need to be able to make a phone call which is unanswered and FREE.

Suitable for holiday homes or other remote areas which don't have internet or WiFi but can be used anywhere where there is a cell phone signal.

It also has the advantage of being secure because you do not need Wifi or Internet.

moduleplusplugOur Module has a small transmitter which sends a signal to the socket to turn it ON or OFF. We don't use the handheld transmitter which is mostly supplied with the socket. You can still control the socket with the hand held remote control if you want.

Our Module can of course be used where WiFi and internet are available if you want to avoid the hassle of using these constantly changing technologies and value your privacy. The Module will also work with EU, UK and US sockets because it mimics what the hand held remote control does. You must use the sockets which we have tested and are shown in the You Supply menu button.

The Module is powered by a 5v USB micro cable. You may use a phone charger to power it. You supply the USB cable and charger.


moduleplusphoneIt operates by making a call to an old mobile phone whose screen is taped to a light dependent resistor(LDR) attached to our Module. When the mobile phone backlight is illuminated, as a result of the call, for a certain amount of time, the Module transmits an RF signal (433MHz radio) to the socket turning it ON or OFF. The call is not answered so NO CALL CHARGES apply. You supply the old mobile phone but you must make sure that the back light stays on continously for the duration of the call.

The Module can be controlled in 8 different Modes described in the Modes of Operation menu button on the left or below if you are using a cell phone. These modes are selected by placing the supplied jumpers on the circuit board.

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