You Supply


We have provided links to Amazon for the equipment you need. Have a look at the links and if you can source the items locally or in your own country, please do so. Amazon have enough business!

(a) an old mobile/cell phone(free hopefully)

(b) a 5V power supply. A cell phone charger with a micro USB type B cable will work as your 5V power supply but if you are buying a 5V power supply anywhere, particularly on eBay, be very careful and make sure it is safe. Again, you will probably have a few of these lying around so no extra cost.

(c) A remotely controlled socket or sockets. Please tell us when ordering our module which type of socket or sockets you will be using. Each Module only works with one type of socket. The following sockets work with our Module.

UK type sockets:

Status Brand are widely available and only cost about £8. They are rated at 240V and 13 Amp.

Etekcity UK sockets also work with our Module. They can be got here:

SATRUL sockets are available on and elsewhere. They are about €5 each.

EU type sockets :

Brennenstuhl, available here and a less powerful model here: These are rated at 230v and 16A (3600W) and 1000W respectively.

SATRUL: also do EU type sockets available on

FRENCH type sockets:

SATRUL also supply French sockets on

US type sockets:

Etekcity sockets which are widely available and can be got on and other sites.

(d) For the DTMF configuration you will need a DTMF module and audio cable.

We do not warranty or vouch for the parts which you supply to work with our Module.