Safety Warning

If you are considering buying this item, you probably already know all this but in the interest of your safety, we feel compelled to state all this clearly. So take a few minutes to read it carefully before buying.

 Do not attempt to interface to mains unless you have adequate training and access to appropriate safety equipment. In certain jurisdictions it may be illegal to work with mains voltage unless you are properly qualified.

Never work on high voltages when you are alone by yourself. Always ensure that you have a friend/partner who can see and hear you and who knows how to quickly turn off power in case of an accident. Use a 1A Fuse in series with the input to the Module as a safety measure.

Fire Hazard: Making wrong connections, drawing more than rated power, contact with water or other conducting material, and other types of misuse/overuse/malfunction can all cause overheating and risk starting a fire. Test your Module and the environment in which it is deployed thoroughly before leaving it switched on and unsupervised. Always follow all fire safety precautions.

Our device must only be used to operate non-critical equipment. Do not use the Module to control a life support system or any other application where unintended operation might harm people or damage property.                                            THIS SITE DOES NOT COLLECT COOKIES