Control up to 8 RF sockets from your PC, Laptop or Tablet.

Just connect your DTMF Module to the microphone/headphone socket on your laptop. Download free DTMF software like this and install on your laptop. If you use this software be sure to have the volume slider on the right of the screen turned up to full and to have the volume on your PC turned up also.

You can now control the 8 sockets from your laptop which can be up to 30m away from your sockets. See this video which will make things more clear.

If you install something like VNC Viewer or Team Viewer on your laptop or PC you can then control all 8 sockets from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

Some of our customers have even automated this process by installing AutoHotKey which records key presses and can play them back at a time you schedule.